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Book Club Summer Term

This term for our online Book Club, we have been asked by a number of children to have an author focus instead of a book focus. The idea behind this is that it will give us more choice of books to read and so hopefully more discussion about what we are reading and recommending for others.

This term, the author focus will be:

EYFS and KS1 (Foundation, Y1 and Y2): Allan Ahlberg

LKS2 (Years 3 and 4): Francesca Simon and Jill Murphy

UKS2 (Years 5 and 6): Anthony Horowitz

Don’t forget to post about books you are reading and enjoying, and books that you recommend for others.

For further information about these authors and examples of their books we recommend visiting the Scholastic website or Click here

If you have any questions please pop into school and ask your child’s teacher or our Literacy Leader, Mrs Farrow.

Happy Reading!

World Book Day 2017

Once again, we opened our doors and invited our parents and community in to celebrate world book day with  all at  Middlethorpe. Fancy dress was enjoyed by all, including some of our teachers. Of course we had lots of reading and discussion around books and their themes across the school. In addition to this, we enjoyed several stalls including Bruce Bogtrotter’s Cake Stall, Willy Wonker’s Sweet Stall and Matilda’s Book Stall for additional enjoyment with the proceeds supporting school funds for our planned outdoor area.

What was your favourite part of World Book Day?

Fiction February

To kick off Fiction February, we enjoyed an afternoon celebrating reading with our parents.

Every where we looked, Middlethorpe was a buzz of reading and discussion about fiction and our favourite books.

what did you enjoy about our day?


Book Club Alert!

image image

Thank you to India and Sydney for them sharing their pictures of them reading our Book Club books. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Magnus Chase book. I think I’ll have to wait in line though.

Book Club Readers

Many of you are already reading the book club books for the autumn term. Don’t forget to send us your pictures and comment about the story so far and what you enjoyed.

Thank you to Abbigail and Max for sending us their photos of them reading The Gruffalo. It’s one of our favourites too!


Middlethorpe Book Club – Autumn Term

Welcome to Middlethorpe’s first ever online Book Club!

This term (Autumn 2), we have chosen three different books for you to enjoy reading with your family at home.

Foundation and KS1: The Gruffalo  by Julia Donaldson

LKS2 (Years 3 and 4): The BFG by Roald Dahl

UKS2 (Years 5 and 6): Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson creator)

To read an extract from each of the books, please visit lovereading4kids which will open up in another tab. Here you will find extracts for our chosen books this term, as well as many other recommended reads for different age ranges and genres. We have also ordered some additional copies for our school reading cafe for your children to borrow. All of the books below are available in all good bookstores and supermarkets.

Don’t forget to email photos of you and your family reading together to farrowl@middlethorpeprimary.co.uk

Happy Reading!



Middlethorpe Book Club

At Middlethorpe, we have always been proud to call ourselves a reading school. This year, we would like to develop this further, encouraging more children to develop a love of reading and more importantly, to do so at home, sharing books and discussing stories and characters with family together.

So, welcome to Middlethorpe Book Club – an online Book Club for Middlethorpe children and families launching in November.

Each term, we will share with you some of our favourite, award winning books. These will range from poetry and silly rhymes to classic fiction as well as some stories by new and upcoming authors that you may not yet have heard of. Where possible, we will post an extract from our chosen books, allowing you to read a sample together direct from our our blog before you buy the book yourself or borrow them from one of our local libraries.We may even have some copies available for you to borrow in our school Reading Zone!

All we ask from you, is that you share pictures of you and your family reading the books together at home and comment/discuss your opinions about the book on the blog, to really get some great book discussion going and maybe even recommend the ones you have enjoyed most to others.

For more information, please see Book Club Newsletter (sent home with your child 1st November) or ask at the office for more information.

We look forwards to seeing your pictures and reading comments soon!

Mrs Farrow


Roald Dahl Day

This week we celebrated the annual Rald Dahl Day, with a particularly special celebration seen as this year was Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday.

Middlethorpe pupils celebrated in style, dressing up as our favourite characters from his stories. Even some of the adults in school joined in too!

Towards the end of the day, we packed all of our learning away and just enjoyed reading and sharing stories. Parents joined us and together, families enjoyed reading in reading dens, the cyber cafe and outside on the field in the sunshine. We even had a tea party in the hall as a final treat.

I’m sure you will agree, it was a great day had by all. Thank you to the parents and family members who joined us in our celebrations. We look forwards to seeing you at the next reading event.

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Recommended Reads

Before the half term, I met with some governors and parents to discuss reading in school and ways in which we can help parents to continue supporting a love for reading at home. One of the suggestions from parents and governors was a list of recommended reads for different age groups.

As a result of this suggestion, we will be regularly updating the Reading School page with Recommended Reads for children within different year groups. We will also post links to websites where you can find many other suggestions for suitable books for your children as well as recommended reads from our Middlethorpe Reading Champions. Please also keep a look out for Mrs Barley’s recommended reads which she always includes on our Newsletters.

We would also love to hear some of your favourite reads too, so please comment and blog under our suggestions with your own.

We hope you find this helpful. Should you have any further questions or suggestions please come in to see me in school but for now, enjoy exploring the links below with some ideas for recommended reads.

Mrs Farrow

English Coordinator

Love Reading 4 KidsBook Trust

Recommended reads age 0-5

Book Trust Recommended Reads age 6-8

Book Trust recommended Reads age 9-11

Book Trust Recommended Reads age 12-14

Book Trust Book Finder

Reading Champions Pupil Voice


At the recent Reading Champion meeting, we started to reflect on our reading initiatives from last term. We are very proud of our achievements this term which include:

  • Deciding on new author sets for the reading zone and hall book displays
  • Providing a signing out sheet for loaning books from the reading zone
  • Encouraging book recommendation areas across the school and within classroom environments
  • Arranging a timetable of responsibilities for Reader Leaders
  • Promoting Bug Club in a reading assembly to encourage others to read more at home
  • Having an author of the month focus to promote different authors each month

We will be having another meeting shortly to decide upon what we want to achieve next term. Look out for our new agenda and focus on the Pupil Voice display in school. If you can think of anything we can work on to promote reading, let us know!